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Our Company was formed from year 2002; we started providing visa consultancy services with New Zealand Country - Permanent Resident files & UK-WHM (Working Holiday Maker) + HSMP visa. As time Passes We increased country list & category list for visa. At current scenario we handle all the country in the world for Tourist / Business / Student visa. We don’t do work visa.

We are working as a "Visa Consultant"-Visitor / Business / Student- International Educational Consultant, For Students we assist information regards Educational loan consultant etc. We also work as International - Domestic Tour Operator.

We also have other businesses like Food & Catering Service, Distribution - Dry Snacks / beverages supplier, We have Investments & trading Account Commodities in Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewelry, We have also Import / Exports – Service Provider – To Supplier, Scrape / Machinery Import.

We have our main office in Ahmadabad, but we work for all over India passport holders, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, African passport holder. But for offline application we must need candidate in India. for online visa like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and many other countries we can get online visa for all over worldwide passport holders

Our Process time for any country visa will not be more than 1 week (in tourist or business) category. In student Category maximum process time will be 1 month. Embassy time extra. In student category we works only as a consultant. student have to pay college fees directly in University or College themselves. We recommend you the world best colleges and universities but students also need to search and confirm themselves about the colleges and universities. We are not responsible for fees transactions and refunds. We always will in favor of student to get the visa and all the process smoothly and fast. We always worried about your career and money. But international transactions are always risky so have to be careful about international payments and student may also ask directly to embassy about college/university reputations.

Our esteem efforts & dedication we will try our level best to get your Visitor / Business / Student Visa in the highly developed or developing countries in the world. We guide you in leisure or business tours on international or domestic level.

Tour Domestic/International - We will try our level best to give you the best services but some time in food you have to compromise as the regional/country level. All the states or countries have their own food choices and options and we have to respect them. but we always try to set vegetarian food during business or leisure tour. but sometimes we don't success so you need to use your own home packed food.

Remarks – Be Protective / take precautions – Regards

Visa are not so easy for develop countries if you have Indian, Nepali, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lankan or African Passport but it’s not difficult if you apply with proper documents, invitation and channel.

Hope so we will get your order and will finish it successfully and support you to make your better career in life.

shashi International Education and Visa Consultancy started in 2002 headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat INDIA. From last 10 years Shashi International has successfully unleashed thousands dream with people who wish to study and settle abroad.

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+91 98987 42744